April 2, 2020

Hello Seasonal Campers,

We hope you are all healthy and following the guidelines for social distancing in order to bring an end to the Corona virus.  While we have been preparing to open the campground, Governor Sununu’s office has been working on guidelines for minimizing the spread of the virus in NH. 

On March 26th Governor Sununu issued Emergency Order #17 which listed business considered “essential” in NH and those could remain open for business.  Although campgrounds weren’t listed, it was ultimately determined that campground have been determined “non-essential”.  At the advice of the NH Campground Owners Association (NeHaCa), we did write an appeal to the Business and Economic Affairs office and received the standard email notice this morning that the campground should remain closed until May 4th.    NeHaCa and the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (AVRC) are actively advocating for campgrounds to be considered essential businesses.  There will be more information as the appeals are reviewed and the state and national association work on this issue.  As this date approaches we will keep you informed of any updates via emails and on a page on our website dedicated to Corona Virus updates.  We are optimistic that the campground will open this summer but the date will be determined by the state. 

Please know if we don’t open by May 15th we will be pro-rating your seasonal fees according to the number of days we are allowed to open this year.  We understand this virus has created all types of hard ships, including financial ones for many people.  As our own family supports each other, we want to support our campers in any way we can.   We appreciate your fees being mailed in and we will provide you more information regarding reimbursement as the season approaches if we are unable to open on May 15th.

In the mean time we will continue our work at the campground in preparation to open.   We ask that you follow the guidelines issued by our Governor for the welfare of our country and our community.

Please feel free to call or email with questions. 

Stay Healthy and keep active!

The Houle family
Paugus Bay Campground
96 Hilliard Rd
Laconia, NH 03246

April 25, 2020

CoVid 19 PBC Policy                                                                                              

We are hopeful that our campground will be fully operational at some point this season.  In order to be open, we must adhere to the CDC guidelines for sanitation and social distancing.  If we successfully operate within these policies, we improve our chances of remaining open for the full season.  Our staff is small so we are asking everyone to do their part and social distance as outlined and encourage others to do the same.  Because of the seriousness of this pandemic, we will have no choice but to ask those not following these rules to return home for the season. The Paugus Bay community’s health and welfare is our first priority, everything else comes next.


Communication- These policies will be in place until restrictions are lifted.  We will be emailing updates to the seasonal campers and posting changes on our website under Covid19  tab. There will be postings on the white board at the office with updates as well.  You are welcome to call text or email us with questions or concerns.   We will be out in the campground doing rounds and we will be available to provide any assistance that is needed. 

Phone is 603-366-4757;


(we no longer have the yahoo email address)


Social Distancing- Maintain six feet apart when talking with others.  Golf carts are approximately 4ft wide by 8ft long.  Carts should be staggered while you are sitting in them and talking with others.  


Campsites- No more than 6 adults are allowed on a campsite and around a campfire.  Seasonals are responsible to make sure their kids are adhering to the rules as well as other campers visiting their site.


Per CDC guidelines we are not allowed to have any public seating areas. Please do not use our picnic tables which are either taped off or turned over on the open sites.  You may bring your golf carts or lawn chairs and sit on open campsites to enjoy the view or have lunch.


Visitors- the only visitors allowed are those with seasonal guest passes and former seasonals.  These are family members or those within your social distancing group.


Laundry Room- The laundry room hours will be 8am to 5pm.  You need sign up with the office for laundry times and get the key. We will be sanitizing the laundry room according to usage (minimum of once per hour depending on usage) You will need to bring your own quarters and detergent to do laundry.


Mail- We encourage campers to receive their mail at home when possible.  Mail will be put aside for 24 hours before handing it out to minimize the risk of the virus.  Names will be posted on the new white board outside the service window.  You may pick up your main at the top of the ramp where all mail will be kept on a table.


Food Delivery- The store will not be available to assist delivery drivers.  Make sure the driver has specific instructions and your phone number for pick up in front of the office or delivery to your site.


Closed until Further Notice:

 Office will be operating out of the side window and phone calls, emails and text messages are encouraged.  Staff will be available in the office to assist with campground business. 

Store-No merchandise will be sold out of the store however you can purchase wood at $5.00 a bundle and ice at $2.00 a bag via self-serve honor system.  There is a deposit box between the ice chest and the door for exact payment for ice, wood and seasonal fees.

Rec Hall, beach, playground, bathroom, shower house, shuffleboard, and canoe/kayak and paddleboard rentals are also closed.

The Activities committee has been postponed until further notice. If a creative person would like to host a “virtual activity” please send us an email with your idea.

 We look forward to having everyone back as soon as possible!

PBC Management

April 7, 2020

Yesterday the Governor of NH ruled that all campgrounds in NH are permitted to open this year.  In the upcoming weeks we will be posting updates on the steps we will be taking to minimize the risk of contracting the virus while  sharing the campground space.  Please check back before coming to the campground.              Thank you


April 10, 2020

At this time we are opening for camping on May 15th as planned however we are continuing to follow the recommendations put out by the CDC and ARVC regarding campground openings during this Covid 19 epidemic .  Our first priority is the welfare of everyone in the campground and the community and we need to make sure we can meet the recommended guidelines before we open fully.  If the guidelines remain as they are today, we will initially only open for the seasonal campers and close our bath rooms, shower house and store.  We anticipate this would be short term solution and we would eventually be able to open up for all campers.    Any non-seasonal camper who has a reservation with us may cancel their reservation and receive a FULL refund.  You also have the choice of canceling your reservation now and using your deposit to reserve  for 2021.  If you take the same site and date, we can re-book that immediately. If you want to rebook  for another date and site, we will need to review your request as we want to give everyone the option of getting what they booked this year.  Please check our website for updates prior to visiting the campground as we are adjusting our schedule on opening to transient campers based on CDC recommendations. Please stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you this summer!


  There are no covid restrictions at this time.

 Thank you.

May 8, 2020

The revised guidelines are in for campgrounds. Seasonal campers are under contract and therefore permitted into the park.  This includes season pass holders as well.  Please use the following link to read the revision:  

May 3, 2020

Thank you for checking on our website for updates regarding the virus.  We are reviewing the Governor's Stay at Home 2.0 guidelines and will have an update on our policies soon. We want to make sure the information we put out is correct and update to date prior to opening.   Please check back prior to May 15th for the changes.

April 19, 2020

After reviewing the guidelines put out by the CDC, federal, state and county health departments, we have decided to open on May 15, 2020 for seasonal camping only.  Transient campers reservation's will be cancelled up until June 26th with the exception of sites 65, 85 and 87 as these sewer sites have the ability to self contain. Given our limited staff we are unable to meet the sanitation guidelines required by the CDC in order to minimize the risk of CoVid 19.  Our store, office, playground , beach and bathrooms will be closed during this time.  If you have a reservation for May or June, you have the option of re-booking the same site and dates for 2021 or have us mail you back a full refund.  If we don't contact you  and we are unable to reach you we will be mailing you a full refund. If you don't hear from us, please call us at the number below.  Please continue to check our website for updates and policy changes.  Your health and welfare are our first priority and we hope to have you back camping soon!

June 15, 2020

Thanks everyone for working with us on following all the new guidelines.  Given that things have been going well so far, we are going to loosen up some of the restrictions regarding covid 19.  We appreciate everyone's help with social distancing and sanitization. As we open up more areas in the campground, everyone needs to take responsibility for their own decisions regarding their personal amount of exposure and decreasing the risk of transmission by utilizing the sanitizing products available. 

First, we are opening up campsites to 8 people or more for socializing while following the social distancing guideline.  Large outside areas such as the horseshoe pits, shuffleboard court and the beach pavilion can accommodate groups of 10 or less while following the same social distancing rule.
The playground will open up on Monday June 15th per the "Safer at Home" guidelines put out by Governor Sununu last week.  There will be a spray bottle and rags available for sanitation before or after usage should you choose to use it. 
This upcoming week has high temperatures predicted so we will be opening the beach up seven days per week.  The maximum number of people allowed on the beach at one time is 25.  Please do not go on the beach if there are 25 people on it already and please be considerate of others and limit your time  if there are people wanting to cool off. The pavilion is separate from the number of people allowed on the beach, however please be mindful of social distancing between groups when on pavilion. 

The laundry room will no longer require a key but we still request you let the office know when you are doing laundry.  This informs us when we need to sanitize the laundry room.  Your help in sanitizing is appreciated as well.  Please remember only one family is allowed in the laundry at one time. 
If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding any of these changes or if you feel people are not respecting your personal space, please let us know in the office so we can address it. 

Lastly there are still temporary boat docks and jet ski slips available at a prorated fee until August 2nd.   

Enjoy the warm weather and have fun!

June 6, 2020

As this pandemic remains ever challenging, the health of our seasonals and family remains our top priority.  Because of that, we have made the very difficult decision to temporarily push back our tentative opening date to transient campers to Sunday August 2nd.  We will providing full refunds or rescheduling for the same date and time next year.

We will continue to monitor this situation and we will and provide any changes to our current policy as we approach August 2nd.  

Looking forward to the day we can have everyone back to enjoy the campground.  Please be safe and stay well.

May 13, 2020

Dear Seasonal Camper,

We know there's concern with the current situation and that we are encouraged to follow guidelines about quarantining.  Our goal is for everyone to enjoy the campground and get away from the “stay at home restrictions” we have all endured over the spring.  First, the health and welfare of our campers and staff are of utmost importance to us. We care about our guests and our community and want to make sure you know you are welcome here.

We have and will continue to have a strict standard when it comes to the cleanliness of our property. We anticipate that we will be dealing with this virus for some time, so here are the rules we have put in place to minimize the risk of contracting covid 19 and keep our campground operational.

Office and Communication   

 Phone 603-366-4757/ pbcampground@gmail.com

​·        Office hours are 8:00-7:00 pm. We will answer the phones between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  You have the option to press #1 to speak with someone anytime.

·        The staff will be practicing social distancing and you are encouraged to call the campground phone number with questions or concerns. Emailing and texting the office are encouraged as well. Come to the side store window if you need to do business with the office in person.

·        The whiteboard will have updates on campground information; we will continue emailing seasonals as well as putting updates on the website. Copies of emails will be posted on the office bulletin board.

Wood and Ice 

·        These are the only items for sale from the office.  There will be is a black money box on the wall outside the office door for seasonal payments as well as ice and wood. Everyone is on an honor system when purchasing these items.  Exact cash or check is needed as no change will be given out.

o   Wood - $5 dollars

o   Cubed ice -$2 dollars

o   Block ice -$3 dollars


·          All mail and packages will be delivered just inside our rec-hall sliding doors during store hours. We will not be responsible for packages sent to the campground. We would like all mail/ packages that are not campground related to be mailed to your home residence. This does not apply to seasonals who live at the campground as their sole residence for the season.  Names of people with mail will be listed on the small white board outside the office service window.

Food deliveries/ Service Workers-

·          If you are ordering food for delivery, please be certain to give your name and phone number to the restaurant and clear arrangements as to where and how the food will be exchanged between you and the driver.  

·        Essential workers are permitted to work on sites when needed. RV service repair, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, wood deliveries, etc... are permitted. Please let the office know if someone is coming in to work on your trailer.


·         Absolutely no day time or overnight guests are permitted until restrictions are lifted. There will be no exceptions. Only seasonals and people with full season guest passes purchased by the site owners will be allowed. All cars must have a window sticker or a seasonal guest pass confirming they are members of our community. Be sure to display your car passes so as not to get towed.


·        Only one individual will be allowed into the laundry room at a time. All people must sign in at the office before doing their laundry and get a key to open the door.  We are encouraging people who are not using the campground as a primary residence to do your laundry at home. People who feel the need to do laundry at the campground will need to supply their own quarters and detergent as we will not be supplying quarters or detergent.

​Social distancing

·        Seasonals who wish to gather with other campers may do so. If you have a comfort level with some of your neighbors, you may congregate on your site with a group no more than 6 adults. Owners of the site will be responsible for overseeing this. This includes people standing or sitting in carts out on the road just off the site. 

·        You are also responsible for your children’s social distancing behavior and their adherence to the restricted areas.

·        Whether you are walking or riding in your carts the rule still applies regarding gathering in groups of no more than 6 people.  Please remember to stagger your golf carts when socializing in golf carts.

Closed Areas

·        The following areas of the campground are closed until further notice: Beach, playground, rec-hall, shuffleboard courts, boat rentals, bathrooms, shower house. 

​​Feeling Ill

·       Stay home if you have been around someone you suspect has covid or you are not feeling well.

·       If you are feeling ill with cough, fever or shortness of breath or other respiratory symptoms while at the campground stay in your trailer.

·       Do not drive to the ER.  Call your health care provider to determine a course of treatment.

·       If you feel it is an emergency call 911.

·       Contact the office and inform us you are having symptoms.  We will provide you with whatever assistance we can offer.


 ·       The Weirs Bridge is closed and the projection is approximately two months from the start date of April 27th.  We recommend using alternate through the Meredith or Roller Coaster Rd.

·       Please plan ahead and bring your groceries and other essential items you may need.  The nearest grocery will be Hannaford’s in Meredith.

·       Meredith Laundromat on RT 104 has large machines if you need to wash large loads.

·       The closest urgent care centers are Clear Choice and Convenient MD in Belmont, NH.

·       Some of the restaurants doing takeout include Tamarack, the Common Man restaurants and Harts Turkey Farm.

​The campground is taking direction from the guidelines of the CDC, state and local government. In order to remain open for the season, we need everyone’s support in following the rules.

If there is anything else we need to know, please feel free to send us a message or give us a call at 603-366-4757.  We will be providing regular updates via social media/email/ please make sure you are monitoring our updates.


Management at Paugus Bay Campground