PAUGUS BAY CAMPGROUND Tel. (603)366-4757 96 Hilliard Road Laconia, NH

CAMPING INFO: Campsites are rented to one family consisting of 2 adults and children under the age of 18. No more than two extra adults per site allowed and they will be charged $8.00 per night, per person (see below for visitor rates). No more than 4 adults will be allowed on one site. Only one unit: tent, pop-up, motor home or trailer plus 1extra small tent will be allowed on a site. Only one car will be allowed per site.

RESERVATIONS: A $200 deposit for each week reserved is required. No credit cards accepted. Reservations can be made one year ahead but deposits made before October 15th  are NOT REFUNDABLE.

Weekends may be reserved for July and Aug starting May 15th.  Weekends the rest of the year can be booked a year ahead.   Telephone reservations will be held for 7 days only. A 14 day notice is required for a refund of all but $5 for reservations made on or after Jan 1st of the current camping year. Sorry, no refunds due to weather or personal reasons. PAYMENT—is due in full upon arrival by check or cash. 

1. SITES AND PARKING— Two cars allowed per site if they are out of the road . Parking lots are provided for extra cars, visitor’s cars and boat trailers. All cars and vehicles should be well off the roads. 
2. QUIET HOURS BETWEEN 10PM AND 8AM SUNDAY THROUGH THURSDAY AND 11PM TO 8AM ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Radios, TV’s and other potentially disturbing noises and activities must be controlled at all hours. Rowdiness and profane language is not allowed. Golf carts must be on site at evening quiet hour.

3. CHILDREN— Your children’s actions are your responsibility! Children under 16 years of age must be with their parents by 10PM Sunday through Thursday and by 11pm on Friday and Saturday. Children 14 and under must be with their parents or an adult at the beach. No hoverboards or skateboards are allowed in the campground. No rollerblades or bicycles on the hills. 
4. VISITORS— Must check in at the office, pay the visiting fee and receive a guest pass for their car. Any visitor leaving the campground in 2 hours, and does not return that day, will be refunded the fee. All visitors must leave the park by 10pm unless they are registered to stay overnight. Visitor’s cars must be parked in designated areas. 
5. DOGS- Transient campers are allowed to have up to 2 dogs. You are not allowed to leave your dog on the site alone, you must walk your dog on a leash, children under 12 years old are not allowed to walk the dog and you must clean up after your dog. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.
10MPH for cars, bikes and golfcarts! This is for your safety and for the children’s safety. A driver’s license is required to drive a golf cart, electric scooter or motorized vehicle. Notify the office if you have a golf cart coming into the campground.
7.  RECYCLE bins for cans by the gate and there are green recycle dumpster up by the bar n for glass and paper. 
8. DOCKS- No boats are allowed in the park unless you have a reserved boat dock, boat size is limited to 18 feet in length, 4 ft in height and 10 ft wide. You may bring kayaks and canoes but they must be kept on your site.  Your  visitors cannot bring in any watercraft.  Rental watercraft  must be in at sundown, must be 16 yr or older to rent a watercraft. 
9. SWIMMING— Beach hours are from 8AM to 10PM. NO LIFEGUARDS ARE PROVIDED— SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the beach, and dock area. Rules are posted at the beach and must be adhered to. 
10. EMERGENCIES—Come to the office and if closed call 603-366-4757.   If necessary call 911. Emergency messages will be delivered. Please call the office number day or night at 603-366-4757 for emergencies.
11. NO washing dishes in the washrooms, and no de-barking or cutting trees. NO firearms, air guns, are allowed. DO NOT MOVE FIREPLACES, and no all terrain vehicles are allowed. 
12. RATES- Year 2024 rates: Water & Elec. per night $54.00, per week $378 -. Water, elec, sewer; per night $58 per week $406. Boat docks: $20.00 per day, Jet ski docking $15.00 per day, Canoe  and Kayak Rental $20.00 per day or $5.00 per hour.

13. VISITOR RATES: Adults $5.00 until 10PM, $10.00 overnight, Children $3.00 day $5.00 overnight (5-18 yrs) 


*The management reserves the right to eject all violators of these rules and to remove persons and animals considered detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of others using the campground and facilities. If you can’t make it on your arrival day of your reservation, you must call to secure the site for the remainder of your stay.  We reserve the right to rent any site when the camper does not inform of us of the cancellation on the arrival day.